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For RI deck and fence staining, we know that the deck or fence is an extension of your home. It can possibly be the first thing someone sees when entering your home in Rhode Island. Sadly though, overtime, through the weather and years, decks and fences will later show their true age through chips in the paint, wear and tear, and soon look faded and outdated. Instead of replacing your fence and deck and taking extra time and money to install a new one, our RI deck and fence staining services are an easy solution to extend the longevity of your deck and fence.

Deck Refinishing Rhode Island

Homeowners love to spend time outside on their decks. It’s a great excuse to invite families and friends over. As wonderful as decks may be they do get the majority of the beating of from the weather minimum protection. With exposure to the sun, rain and snow, decks can show their age quicker than a fence may. Overtime decks can form wear and tear from the traffic of people or if you have pets, the pets roaming around on the deck as well. Therefore, decks require continued maintenance.

The best way to protect your deck is by having it regularly stained and refinished. When a deck is professionally cared for it can last up to 3 years. Decks take a beating year round, and unlike other vertical surfaces, decks will get the most out of the weather conditions of your area. That is why it is important to find professionals like our team, who will guarantee that your deck will be left at a top-notch condition.

You can rely on us, RI Painting Company, to give you long lasting results and a high-quality RI painting services for your Deck Refinishing Rhode Island.

Fence Staining Rhode Island

Even though fences don’t take as much of a strong hit as decks do, they still need some maintenance over the years to keep them look brand new and fresh. As the surface of wood is exposed to sunlight, dirt, mildew, rain and snow, it eventually deteriorates in appearance. RI Painting Company has stained countless of different fences over the years. Two of the most common fences are:

  • Picket Fences: Typically installed for decorative purposes and has spacing in between the fence boards
  • Privacy Fences: Runs around the perimeter of backyard and is usually much taller with minimal gaps in between boards

RI Painting Company can paint or stain both types of fences in whatever color you wish. We use top quality products used by experienced professionals ensure that your fence or deck staining project will have the results you are looking for. Our stains can prolong the life of wood within its first application. There are several types of paints and stains we use, depending on the shade you are looking for:

  • A Semi-Transparent Stain shows off the wood grain while adding deep color to the wood fibers.
  • A Clear Coat shows the true color and characteristics of the wood. Its purpose is to protect the wood from sun and weather damage.
  • A Solid Stain can be any color you choose and like paint, can be matched to the home or any other exterior surface. It is much thicker and covers a majority of the wood grain.

Our fence staining team knows the first step in refinishing and maintaining wood fences is a proper cleaning. We begin the process with a thorough power wash cleaning, ensuring that there is no dust, mildew, pollutants or chalking on your fence. Once your fence is dry, we apply one or two coats of the paint or stain you chose, depending on what your fence needs.

Benefits Of RI Deck And Fence Staining

1. Improve The Appearance

Wood is naturally beautiful. Staining brings out the beauty in its texture and overall look. With several different types of stains, the one you choose can prove to be an accent to your home.

2. Prevent Damage From Sun

The sun is very strong. Even if your deck or fence is in the shade, UV rays from the sun can still cause a lot of damage. Sunlight causes the wood to crack, splinter and warp over time if left untreated. It can also cause the color of your stain to fade overtime.

3. Reduce Moisture

Wood and moisture do not go well together. The entry of water into wood can cause more than rot. If wood freezes after taking on water, it can begin to break. This can result in total destruction of a wood project if this process happens repeatedly. If a deck or fence takes on too much moisture, it can cause mold or mildew to form, which can cause some serious health issues.

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