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A fresh coat of paint helps make a house into a home. Paint choices are personal and expresses your individual taste.  As preferred RI Interior painters, we know a fresh coat of paint can create a dramatic difference to the overall look and feel of your home. Painting is a simple and cost effective way to spruce up your property. RI Painting Company is here to help. Our quality paint and team can guarantee you that we will transform your home. Our team makes every painting project into a big success.

We are firm believers in quality, not quantity, and that is what makes us so unique as a trusted painting services in RI provider. Our clients can be confident that our interior painting service is the best quality, most accountable, and most reasonably priced. At RI Painting Company, our main goal is to provide superb professional painting services to the people of Rhode Island, and to make each and everyone of our clients homes to look great!

Our Interior Painting Services

At RI Painting Company, we provide several different services:

  • Interior Wall Repair
  • Wallpaper Removal
  • Interior Ceiling Repair
  • Interior Painting

We enjoy working closely with our clients in choosing the right colors and types of paints for all of your decorating needs. For us, preparation is essential for every painting project we take on. Our painters make sure to cover carpets, move and cover furniture as well as covering or taking out anything that could be damaged in the painting process. When we get done with the job, we always put everything back in its place. The only thing that will be new and different, is our beautiful paint on your walls!

Interior Painting RI Process

Our painting process as RI Interior Painters begins with the estimate and is carried out with our professional painting contractors that will be working alongside with you on your project. When RI Painting Company is painting your interior you can be assured that there is:

  • Two coat application for all color changes.
  • Premium grade products will always be used.
  • The project area is neat and clean while we work in your home or commercial space.
  • A thorough surface preparation before project is started.
  • Colors will always match what was discussed and chosen for your painting project. 
  • Project completion timeline is mutually agreed upon.

    The Right RI Painters For The Job

    At RI Painting Company, our team is highly skilled in providing excellent results for your home. We are industrious and take pride in a providing high quality work for every customer. Working with you to bring your desired look to life is what we do best. We are happy to consult you to choose the right colors to match your decorating needs. Our suggestions will only be on the basis of what you need.  We will never overcharge or attempt to coerce you into making a decision that is not in your best interest. Our finishing touches are also second to none. It’s not just about paintings walls, every client matters and we take each job seriously. Furthermore, we are licensed, insured, and take our trade work very seriously as RI Interior Painters.

    Choosing A Color For Your Interior Painting RI Project

    Color sets the mood for a home’s interior and channels how you want your space to feel. With the help of RI Painting Company, the process of choosing a color can be easier than you imagine. 

    A simple new coat of paint can leave you being marveled by your home. Whether you are planning to sell your home, do a renovation, or just want to spruce up your space, choosing the right colors that go along well throughout your home, will automatically transform your house into a home. Your home!

    Here are some ideas for choosing a color that will fit perfectly for your space:

    1. When decorating, don’t choose your paint color first.
    2. Start with an inspiration. Look at pinterest, houzz, decor mags etc.
    3. Sticking with neutrals is a safe way to mix up your decor if you need a change later.
    4. Always use testers.
    5. You may love a color in the store, but its always best to test on your wall near your furniture and fabrics.
    6. Pick the right sheen. Depending on the use of the room will determine the recommended sheen.
    7. Understand undertones and how it can help you choose the colors you are looking for.
    8. Choose a color theme throughout your home. This creates an even, yet inviting flow throughout!

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    If you are looking for Interior Painting Services in Rhode Island and the surrounding areas, contact RI Painting Company. We have expertise in offering quality services to our customers. Call us today at 401-217-4347 to get a free quote on any of our painting services.